Chaz Smiles Back

Wisps of feather light clouds trundled slowly across an ice blue summer sky.  The poplars along main street danced with a verdunt green fire.  The cooling breeze of summer warmth kicked up dust and old Snickers wrappers along the sidewalk in a hazy dance.  A shrill bird sang melodiously, sang of lazy days and the heat of love.

The world smiled, and Chaz smiled back.  The rough wood of the bench comforted his arms that splayed out across the back.  In his eyes burned the wet fire of youth in effulgence.  Keen senses caught the scent of honeysuckle from the heavy growth behind the second-hand store, and part of him wanted to go pluck each blossom for its tiny drop of infinite summer.

"Dreamin' agin, Chuckie?" Lucy Jane clucked down at him, two bottles of Yoohoo! in her hands dripping persperation, screaming angrily how cooling they would be.

Chaz considered a spot personality test if someone called him Chuckie, as this was never a name which he applied to himself.  Few people did it, but they had a similar sort of wanton obliviousness which was not altogether a good thing.  They were brash people, bold people, individuals possessed of a gregarious self-absorption.

But in Lucy Jane he could forgive this, as he smiling accepted the proffered chocolate flavored drink.  With a body like hers, there was a great deal he could forgive.

The End

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