Chauve-Souris Manière.

Chauve-Souris Manière is a school for vampires. Don't beleive what you read in silly little books like Twilight. Dracula was the founder and his daughter is now headmisstress.


"Why did this happen to OUR child?!"Wailed my mum.

"Because she is a child of the devil!Your lucky you foud me whilst you did!"Snarled Patrik, my step-dad.

"Mum, it's nothing! Just because I turned out to be a vampire doesn't change that I'm your kid! Don't listen to Patrik! He's trying to drag us apart!"I cried.

Earlier in the week, I had come across the knowlage that I was a vampire. And I had, er, 'forgotten' to tell my mum and step-dad. But they soon found out, I think it was a big give away when my mouth started spewing out smoke after I had had a bite of garlic bread...

"Don't listen to her, Avril! It's the devil speaking through the child!"Hissed Patrik.

"Arggg! If your not taking me to the flipping school, I'll take myself!"I screeched, shutting up their rants and raves.

"I'll take her.."mumbled mum.

"Don't let the devil-child trick you, my love!"Patrik said in a low voice, as if he thought I couldn't hear!

I packed up all of my clothes and favourite things into a large, black suitcase.

I hauled it down the stairs and faught the urge to say: 'Yeah, thanks for you great understanding!'

We drove the car in utter silence. Mum often looked as though she wanted to say something, but each time she thought better of it.

There was a lump in my throat and tears pricking in the back of my eyes.

Mum and I flinched when I said, quite loudly, "it's up that drive!"

She turned the car sharply to the left and the car jumped and skidded as it went over the uneven, cobbled driveway.

It slowly came to a holt.

"Get out."Said mum in a voice that was so cold I flinched away from her.

"Love you, mum."I muttered as I got out the car, when no reply came, I knew our relationship was over.

So, yeah, she left me there, on a drive in front of a school with huge, wooden doors. I opened one with great difficulty, it made alot of noise when I tried to move it.

There was a secretary in the office and she shielded her eyes from the bright light, so I closed the door pronto. I walked up to the desk nervously.

"Hi. I'm Cosmas Atkins. I'm new."I said in a small voice.

"Yes, yes I know! Now, you do realise that you were supposed to come at night? The sun is extreamly bad for a Bampire!That means Baby-Vampire... I can see you've already burned!"She said efficiantly. I could tell she was a women that I could get help from.

"Okay... well, um, my mum just left me here, so could you tell me where to go?"I asked.

"Oh yes, let me see..."she muttered, ruffling some papers,"you are in Abbey Hollow, which is your house, and your room number is 666, haha!six, six, six... yes, here's the key the rules are on this peice of paper, you are to get into bed as soon as you've unpacked!"With that, she left!

I wandered around for a bit, trying to find my House and room. When I finally did, it was so quiet, I could have heard a pin drop.

I turned my key in the lock to find three girls sitting, perfectly awake on their beds... oh I mean coffins!

"Your the new girl!"Smiled a brown haired girl.

"Yes... um, which is my bed?"I asked, fidgeting.

"That coffin in the far corner."Said the white haired girl in middle coffin.

"It's alright to be scared! We are too! Well, me and Libby. Alice has been coming here far one year!" Said the white haired girl.

"Yup! Oh, yeah, I'm Alice," said the brown haired girl, "and that's Libby and Keri." Pointing to the two remaining girls.

"okay, so where do I unpack?"

"That is your wardrobe there."Said Keri.

"Okay, lessons start at 9PM and finish at 3AM. Oh yeah, and remember, the only school rules are: No sunlight, no garlic, no holy water, no crosses and no stakes!"


Once I had unpacked, I found that my red-lined coffin was actually quite comfy, although, I'd have to get used to not wearing a quilt.

I had finally found a place where I could be accepted!


The End

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