Luke Ronalds

I woke to my room mate banging on my door. "Luke!" she yelled. "Wake up!"

"What?" I yelled back as I opened the door wincing away from the fully lit hallway. Georgia smirked at me flicking her hair back over her shoulder in triumph. She knew I hated being woken up but she did it every first Monday of the month to say-

"Rent's due" her snide little voice said as she shoved her hand in my face. I grit my teeth and headed into my room grabbing the money from my desk and then throwing it at her before slamming my door in her face. I heard her high voice yelling at me but ignored it as I flopped back onto my bed. I checked the time on my phone and sighed. 

I had hours before work. I rolled onto my stomach and thought about how I'd gotten my tickets yesterday. America. The United States of America. I was so excited that I laughed and rolled back onto my back to stare up at the ceiling. I'd finally get to meet Austin. A guy I'd begun to grow very very close to.

I squeezed my eyes shut and brought back the photo he'd sent me of himself. He was exactly my type. He was normal being of average height and build. His eyes! Gosh they made me feel like I was looking deep into a forest. 

I on the other the hand was a stick thin. short loser who worked a dead end waiter job. I'd been saving for this trip for 4 months now and I was going to look forward to it.

My only worry was Austin not liking me. I mean. He could not like me couldn't he. I swallowed and stood up needing a shower. I walked into my ensuite and turned the shower on. The water went mildly warm and I sighed. This place had so many mess ups all the time. When I got out of my shower it was time for work.

Before I left though I sent a message to Austin with a smile and tons of flirting. I was going to get a lot worse till I finally saw him. Then.... I'd probably lack any guts to be at all flirtacious. 

Austin probably wasn't even going to like me, I moped.


Stepping off the plane the heat did hit me. It flushed my face as I was squished among the moving crowd. I went through the various check points till finally I got my bag and headed out to departures.

I peered around for Austin. He was easy to find cause of those forest green eyes.

The End

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