I let out a sigh as I got home from work, shutting the front door behind me. I ran a hand through my chestnut hair, thanking everything that was holy for another day without getting jumped or killed. It’s not that I live in a bad neighbourhood, it’s that I made the mistake of coming out. Joys of the South, eh?

I made myself something to eat, switching on my laptop while I waited for it to cook. I spend a lot of my spare time on my laptop, looking at houses in more gay friendly states, window shopping for things I can’t afford, the usual. There’s also this guy. I met him online, and I know how sad that sounds, but he’s…  I don’t know, he’s something special. We’d been talking for a few months, and I’d finally managed to bargain my way into getting a few weeks off work, since he was meant to be coming over soon.

“Hey ;)” was the message waiting for me when I got back to my laptop, my dinner finally cooked.

“Hey :)” I sent back, digging in and trying not to get any food on my laptop.

“How was your day?”

“Not too bad. Yours?”

"I got my tickets today ;)"

"Really? That's great :))

"For next week :D"

"I can't wait"

"Me neither. I've never been to America"

"Be prepared for the heat, haha"

"I can't wait ;) I bet the sights are good"

"Depends what sights you mean ;)"

"I think you know x"

"I can't wait to see you x"

"Well you are gonna have to wait :P"

"I know :P"

"Ugh, it’s getting late. I have to go D:"

"Okay. I'll speak to you soon x"

"Definitely x"

"Sweet dreams :)" I said and he logged out.

I finished my meal, taking my plate back into the tiny kitchenette I had, washing up before wandering back over to the couch, curling up and watching TV. I seriously could not wait to meet this guy. Would he be as great in person as he was online? Would he still like me after he met me? All these doubts and worries flew through my head, but none of them mattered because I was finally going to meet Luke.

The End

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