chat up lines .....

lil advice and my own perspective on it all xxxx

what to know what piss's me of? 

its when cars go past you, beep you and you have no idea who they are and they more then likely dont know who you are.

what i dont understand is why beep?

my friends say its because were hot but if thats the case what's wrong with pulling the car over and saying hello instead of loosing an oppertunity and confusing the heck out of me?

tip to all guys out there the greatest chat up line is....... are you read for it? ....... Hello.

no kidding with that one word you have are attention and we are curious into who you are and what we have in common.

so please ditch "did it hurt when you dropped from heaven" it sucks, its lame and if the girl falls for it .... sorry lady's but she's easy! 

it aint worth it unless its hard to get 

love Black Dress xxxxx

The End

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