Danny: Winning Her OverMature

I sat on the couch in the downstairs living room, eagerly waiting for Kat to finish up. She insisted on getting all dolled up before our night out, I wasn't about to protest. The last time she had worn make-up it made her look so much older, more mature. The thick strip of eye-liner that made her light brown eyes pop. Sparkling lip gloss that made my own lips ache to press against, she was the picture of perfect. A goddess of the urban city and tonight she was all mine. 

"I'm coming down," she called out from the top of the stairs. I tried my best to hide my excitement and anticipation as her footsteps clicked on the stairs. My eyes stayed glued to her frame, taking in every movement and the taunting sway of her hips. Kat smiled at me when she finally came to pause at the base of the stairs. "So how do I look?" she asked giggling as she twirled. I stood and walked over to her, as calmly as my shivering body would allow. 

I swallowed the growing lump in my throat and resisted the urge to take her into my arms and kiss her desperately. Her pallid skin glowed in the low light her hair hanging teasingly in her eyes. I smiled warmly at her and lightly tucked her soft hair behind her ear. She had added a brilliant shade of eyeshadow to match her mascara and eyeliner. My arms slithered to the small of her back and gently put her hips against mine, she blushed brightly and smiled. 

"You look like an angel, Kat." I kissed her delicate forehead and took her hand in mine, leading her out to the car. "Madame," I chuckled opening the passenger side door of my all black 72' Camaro. Thank god for dad and his vehicle restoration business. I'd gotten the muscle car for my 17th birthday and my life had been almost perfect. Almost because Kat wasn't mine...yet. Starting up the car, it's engine roared loudly causing Kat to jump as I laughed.

It was refreshing to leave the house without Andrew nipping at my heels like a dog, just me and Kat with the night to ourselves. The drive through town was lovely, glowing lights turned in long rainbow streaks illuminating people walking along the city sidewalks. The car slowed and we pulled into the large cinema parking lot, as luck would have it, we were able to park close. Kat turned to open her door but I insisted on opening it for her. 

"Such a lovely woman like yourself should have men opening doors for you," Kat blushed and smiled up at me. She stepped out and I shut the car door after her, taking her hand in mine and pulling her close. 

"What's up with you tonight Danny, your so...oh I don't know, excited." I laughed heartedly and held her close to me, walking inside and buying our tickets.

"I just love it when I get to treat my sister, you know I love you." Kat raised an eyebrow at me but said nothing. "Your my little sister Kat, is it a crime to take you to the movies?"

Kat punched my shoulder lightly and laughed. "I guess not." The smell of popcorn wafted around my nose and soda fizzed nearby. This was going to be a turning point in Kat and I's relationship, I could feel it. We bought a large popcorn, a Coke-a-Cola for me and a Sprite for Kat. Hurrying into the room, the movie just started and the lights fell dim. We both giggled as we wormed our way into a seat. The beginning of the movie was boring but Kat watched it intently. Her hand reached over and brushed against my leg as she searched for the popcorn. I shut my eyes and bit back a whimper. 

"Here," I said holding a single popcorn piece. She pouted but ate it, crossing her arms and sticking out her bottom lip. Not the puppy eyes. But yes, she gave me those big sparkling puppy eyes, making me relinquish the popcorn. The film grew more intense as time when on, suspense gripping the crowd. Kat let out a squeak as the murderer jumped on screen. I took her hand a squeezed it tightly.

"I'm here, love." I said as one of the character's screamed. Kat looked over to me and tilted her head. 

"What'd you say Danny?" I shook my head and rested against her shoulder, snuggling her body for warmth, comfort, and maybe a bit of enticement. As the movie drew towards the ending, Kat's eyes drooped and her speech was interrupted every now and then by a yawn. I sighed happily and pulled her into my lap, letting her curl into a ball and cuddle close to me. 

"I love you," I whispered down at Kat as the movie turned to credits. 

"Love you too, Danny." she murmured, falling asleep. A grin crept over my face as I picked her up and carried her to the car, she laid so innocent and peaceful in the back seat.  My heart fluttered and my loins burned. I groaned and sat in the drivers seat, trying to calm my arousal as I drove home. I felt like I had accomplished something that Andrew never could have. In time Kat would be mine and Andrew wouldn't ever be able to love Kat like I could. Pulling into the driveway, I threw the car in park and leaned out the open window.

My eyes collapsed shut and I slipped into dreams with Kat and I. We had to be at least 4 years older than we were, laying in bed together spooning and cuddling. 

"Your mine Kat," I murmured in her ear  as moved to lay atop her radiant body. Her 18 year old dream self kissed me back. 

"Always," she said opening herself to me. Before I could begin anything a car horn loudly shouted, tearing me away from the dream. To my anger and disgust, Andrew had pulled into the driveway. He had not only stolen my dream from me but a chance of pleasure with Kat. 

"I fucking hate you," I mumbled as he stepped around the car. 

"The feelings mutual," he snapped back, leaning on his car. 

The End

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