Andrew: Out of ControlMature

With Danny taking Katherine out to the movies, and my heart feeling like it was in a million shattered pieces, I figured the only thing to do was go to the latest party. The popular kids were always throwing huge bashes, getting crazy and sloppy and forgetting how to behave themselves.

I pulled up to the curb outside a house that might have passed for a mansion. The kid in question was named Josh, and while he had always seemed nice to me, I was pretty sure he was a two faced bastard underneath it all.

Inside, the house was a blur, music pumping and bodies pressed together much too closely. There was a faint smell of alcohol and smoke, and possibly something more dangerous. I supposed everyone had to pick their poison eventually.

"Andrew!" I cringed at the sound of the high pitched squeal. But sadly it was already too late. Crystal was making a beeline straight towards me, walking with a purpose in her high heels. In one hand she held a red cup sloshing over with beer.

The other made its way around my neck, as soon as she was near enough to me. She pressed herself tightly against me, whether for support or her own pleasure I wasnt sure.

"I'm so glad you're here," she slurred. Yeah, she was definitely drunk. "I want to show you something."

I wracked my brain for any excuse as to why I couldnt go with her, but by then she was already pulling me up the stairs. Thoughts of Katherine consumed my mind as Crystal led me down the hall, to the very last room. Was she having fun, I wondered? Was Danny making her smile, feeding her popcorn and accidentaly brushing her hand with his own?

Crystal pushed me inside and shut the door. I took a few steps backwards, away from the cunning bitch who stood before me. Crystal set down her glass and gave me a demuring smile. "Come her and kiss me," she demanded. I remained where I was.

A pout took over her lips. "Why dont you want me?" She muttered. I thought tears might have been welling up in her eyes. Because I want my little sister. I said nothing.

"Not even a little bit?" Crystal was closing the distance between us. I noticed then how her tank top straps had started to fall down her shoulders. I could see the very top of her pink lace bra, peeking out.

When she stood right before me again, she moved her hadn over my chest, down, down..."Please dont make me beg you, Andrew," She whispered against my lips.

I groaned a little. Oh, how I hated myself. But then I was kissing her, full and hard, letting her slide her fingertips across the waistband of my jeans, work at the buckle of my belt.

It felt to me like the ultimate betrayal, however good it may have been. I moved my body through and through her, only a little worried that someone might her her moans and cries. Crystal clawed at my back and bit gently at the bare skin of my chest, but I hardly felt the pain.

The pain within me was much too strong.

The End

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