Danny: Simple PleasuresMature

"Yes please!" Kat smiled warmly. I widened my eyes as her arms locked around my neck bringing her slim hot frame against my chest, her lips achingly close to mine. My breath shuddered, eyes flicking from hers to her rosy cheeks. I swallowed hard, hugged back, and pulled away. My heart thundered in my chest, every time Kat came that close...I couldn't trust myself.

When I was on my own I was fine, left to pictures and writings of my own fantasy. But when she was around I was the protector, the one who looked out for her  well being. Her safety and happiness was my charge, she was my everything since my blue eyes met her radiant smile. 

"Alright," I chuckled, moving to the refrigerator and pulling out the pack of bacon. Kat snuggled under my arms and pulled out the eggs. Flicking on the flame on the stove, I filled the pan with half eggs and half bacon. The blue flames licked the bottom of the pan causing the cooking oils to bubble and waft a delicious scent. My mouth watered and I hummed to myself, just a nice morning alone with Kat.

"Something smells good!" I heard Andrews chipper voice call from the top of the stairs. I scowled and pushed the food around with a cooking fork. His footsteps rapped on the cherry hardwood floor as my twin entered the kitchen and hugged Kat tightly. I shot him a scowl, causing him to stick his tongue out. 

"Foods ready," I said covering my anger with a joyous overtone. Andrew and Kat raced to the table, plucking up the silverware and pouring orange juice in the glasses. I served them making sure to give Kat more than Andrew, who grumbled quietly under his breath. 

"Such a good cook," Kat applauded. I grinned picking her up and setting her on my lap, Andrew eyed me but continued to eat. 

"Listen Kat," I whispered "I was thinking you and me have a movie night tonight. Just the two of us, here. You pick the movie and I'll get the soda and popcorn. What do you say?" I ticked her sides making her tremble and laugh, her body's vibrations running into mine and creating electricity. 

"Sure," she whispered back and winked. Thank god for simple pleasures!

The End

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