Katherine: BreakfastMature

'Kat, what're you doing up so early?' Danny mumbled, rubbing his eyes as he entered the living room.

'I wanted to see a TV show.' I replied, standing up and stretching. I walked into the kitchen, where Danny was putting some bread into the toaster. I took the bread from his hands and put some in for myself too.

'Why were you and Andrew up so late last night?' Danny asked in a slightly sharp tone.

'He was telling me a story so I could get to sleep.' I cocked me head and smiled. Danny frowned at me.

'I could have told you one.'

'It's nothing to get worked up about.' I laughed softly. I didn't want Danny to get too loud because the rest of our family were fast asleep. He kept on glancing up at me.

'Do you love him more than me?' Danny asked in a quiet, childish, insecure voice. I looked up startled.

'What do you mean? I love you both to bits!' I grinned at Danny, but he looked deadly serious. I looked at him, worried if he was feeling ill or out of sorts.

'So... I've still got a chance to get him out of the picture...' Danny said under his breath, I'm not sure I heard him right but I guess it was just sibling rivalry for their sisters affections.

'Huh...? ah shit!' Danny tutted me, 'sorry... but, the toast is burning!'

'What? Shit!' He yelped, I snickered and he pulled them out making "ouch" noises as he did so, throwing the ruined bread onto the counter.

'Well... breakfast is over I take it.' I said in a sad voice, looking at me feet; knowing if I looked innocent and cute he'd cook me some eggs and bacon.

'...Do you want some eggs and bacon?'

'Yes please!' I smiled, beaming at me brother, throwing my arms around his neck. Because as much as I was head over heels for Jason... I wouldn't be me without my brothers. And I love them. And no matter what anyone says, I'll show my affection any way I want to!

The End

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