Katherine: My Brother DannyMature

I hummed happily, waving goodbye to my friends as Danny steered me out of the school door with his arms around my shoulders. I grinned up at him, distracting him, before sticking my hand into his jeans pocket and fishing out a two pound coin.  I waved it in front of his face and his pretty blue eyes focused on it.

'Hey! Katherine!' He whined, trying to grab it back, but I kept on moving it around in the air so he couldn't reach it.

'I'll use it to buy an ice cream! It wont go to waste!!' I exclaimed, my voice wavering as Danny resorted to tickling me.

Someone plucked the coin from my fingers and Danny and I stopped mid-tickle fight to see who it was.

'Andrew!' Danny said, I don't know if I was imagining it, but it seemed to be quite a spiteful tone.

'Drew-Drew!' I cried happily, using my childhood nick name. Behind him was a girl with a scarily perfect face; she must be one of my seniors. I smiled at her, but her face didn't even twitch a reply. Shrugging I turned back to Danny with pleading eyes.

'Fine.' Danny sighed, giving up, he snatched back the coin from Drew's clutches and grabbed my hand; pulling me along with him. I waved goodbye to Andrew and jogged to keep up with Danny.

As we approach the ice cream van which stood, as always, next to the lamp post down the lane from our house, I tripped up(I'm not sure on what though), landing on my knees.

'Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow!'I hissed through my teeth, hopping around, glancing down at my grazed caps.

'Katherine! Kat!' Danny cried, wedging his hands under my arm pits to steady me. I bit my bottom lip, swallowing back the tears. I didn't want to cry in front of Danny. How embarrassing would that be. I attempted to tug my woollen skirt down to hide the bloody mess.

But I could never catch out those intense, all-seeing blue eyes of Danny's. No way. He laughed softly and bent down to examine the cuts.

'You might want to wear jeans tomorrow.' He smiled, looking up at me. I blushed and nodded. I'm glad he and Drew helped out at the infirmary, because if they didn't; I would have probably died by now. See, I'm not clumsy! I'm just a little... unaware of my surroundings, that's what Danny says anyway.

Yep, my brother Danny is probably the best brother anyone could ever, ever wish for!

The End

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