Andrew: DistractionsMature

I was eager to leave when the bell rang, throwing myself through masses of bodies that littered the halls. When at last I emerged out the front doors, it was with a subtle grin upon my face.

I was scanning the crowds for Katherine before I even knew it, looking  around for her short brown locks and those eyes...oh, those eyes.

Let's get one thing clear: my little sister had been my entire life since the moment she'd been born. I'd always known it was my job to protect her, to keep her safe from anyone that might do her harm.

Which she made increasingly difficult. Now that she was older, Katherine believed that she was her own person, independent and capable of handling herself. This was clearly not the case, not with the way she was constantly tripping over herself. Not with the way the boys looked at her...

"Andrew!" I spun around to meet the icy gaze of Crystal Locke. Crystal was the kind of girl who got everything she wanted. She was the cliche of high school queens: cheer captain, class president, weekend partier. With her bleached blonde tresses and innocent blue eyes, she was the image of perfection.

She was everything I resented.

But sometime in the last three months, Crystal had decided that I was what she wanted. And like I said, she always got what she was after.

I let her approach me, let her slide her hands up and down my chest as she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. I didnt much care if anyone was looking. The rumor mill would  turn on as it always had.

"Andrew, you're such a tease," she murmured in that fake girly voice. "Why dont you kiss me back?"

Instead I took a step away, telling my mind to stay focused on Katherine. I didnt need any distractions right now, least of all in the form of Crystal.

A pout had overtaken her lips. "I dont know how you manage to resist me," she whispered. Her tone was a cross between utter betrayal and something much darker. "But one day I'll get you in a place where you cant say no."

I thought about telling her that slut wasnt really my type, that my mind was consumed with someone a bit...sweeter. In the end I just turned away from her, back towards the doors.

Just in time to see Katherine emerging. With Danny's arm around her shoulders.

The End

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