Danny: Sibling RivalryMature

The nurses door opened suddenly, causing two familiar faces to appear before us. Andrew and I grinned at each other, Hug-attacking our sister. She collapsed to the ground in my arms laughing with us. 

"Hey Kat," I teased using one of the many nicknames I had for her. Kathrine, my sister and Andrew my twin, were really the only two people who understood me. Most classed me as an emo or goth kid. I just figured myself free spirited, dressing and acting however I felt. The large skull candy headphones around my neck blared heavy metal music as I starred at Kat.

Hugging her frame against my body, I helped her stand while Andrew tended to the other kid Jason. Anger seethed behind my eyes at the kid, Jason was trash, a kid just trying to steal my sister. Kathrine quickly thanked me, wincing at the shard imbeded in her foot. 

"What did you do this time Kat?" I asked as Andrew and Jason disappeared into the small exam room behind me. A sheepish smile covered her face and her eyes flicked to our shoes. 

"I...um...dropped another glass bowl." Her voice was half whispered while I helped her into the exam room and onto the table. Being a 17 year old Junior at the high school meant we got one hour of free time, most kids just did homework. Not Andrew and I, oh no, we tended to all the sick and injured kids who came to the nurses office. I was fun and we got to drench our hands in blood sometimes, never did we have a dull day. 

"Eh, Who said you were tending to her?" Andrew snapped at me, the bandages and pliers in my hand. I shrugged and offered a devilish smile. 

"Well she's my little Kat and so I think that I should tend to her wounds." Just as I turned to start plucking the glass from her foot, Andrew grabbed my shoulder and wrenched me around. 

"The hell you are, she's my sister too!" He plucked the tweezers from my hand and glared. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged tightly, resting my head on his shoulder. Andrew flinched, allowing me to hook my leg around his and tip him off balance. His tall form toppled backward and crashed into Jason, who was waiting by the door. 

"Piss off," I shot back teasingly and waited for him to stand up. Andrew eyed me but instead turned to leave. 

"I'll be right back." He grunted. Jason brushed off his baggy jeans and looked at me in his condescending way. 

"And what are you staring at?" I growled at him. The kid jumped a bit and Kat put a hand on my shoulder, smiling. 

"It's all right Danny, Jason just helped me down here." She looked to him, her cheeks flushing red as I stifled a gag. "You can go back to class Jason, maybe I'll see you after school?" His smug face lit up and he nodded. 

"Sure." With that, he turned and left the exam room. Only Kat and I remained. Delicately, I began removing the glass slowly and gently. Every time Kat flinched, I stopped and waited for her to calm down. Every since I could remember I had watched over her. Not in that over dominating way, of course, but I was her big brother. It was my job to be there, love her, hold her, and cheer her up when she was down.

"Kat," I said sighing as I wrapped the white bandages around her lithe foot. "You really shouldn't hang out with that Jason kid...I don't like him, he's gonna get you hurt." She looked at me with her coffee brown eyes, a hurt expression playing on her face. I lowered my eyes and finished bandaging her foot, placing her shoe back also.

"Why?" she asked, a small frown on her face. 

"I'm your brother Kat...I see things, hear things. Jason is-" The exam room door slammed open and Andrew stepped back inside, holding my turquoise Alice in Chains back pack.

"Andrew," I warned stepping forward. The headphones around my neck switching the song, "Give that back!" Andrew smiled and held it above my head, he was at least a head taller than me making it impossible to reach my bag. Contained within the fabric was my life (besides Kat of course); A laptop, digital tablet, my sketch pad, and my various books that I was reading. 

Andrew leaned closer to me and smiled innocently. "No, I found your journal. And I know your secret." The bottom of my stomach plummeted to the ground, and a tight pain wrenched my chest. How the hell do you know?!

The End

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