'Shit!' I shrieked, leaping out of the way as the glass bowl I had just dropped smashed on the floor, scattering glass and cake mix all over the floor, 'oops?'

'Katherine! Are you alright!?' Miss Abbot, my Food Tech teacher, yelped, rushing over.

'Ahh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It just... fell.' I cried, my voice raising dangerously high. Miss Abbot patted me on the head and pushed me out of the way.

'Second bowl this week... go get  the dustpan and brush.' She sighed, ushering the crowed of my classmates away from the glass-covered floor.  blushed as I made my way to the closet to grab the dustpan.

'Sorry, miss!' I repeated over and over until she told me to be quiet. I glanced at Jason, my best friend and biggest crush, he grinned and shook his head at me knowingly. I blushed harder and handed Miss Abbot the cleaning equipment, I was still staring at Jason and unwittingly placed my ballet-pump-clad foot onto a piece of glass, I cried out in surprise.

'Katherine?!' She glanced at my manic hopping around and rolled her eyes, 'Jason, take Katherine to the office, please.'

'Yes, miss.' Jason snickered, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and helping me.

I was sent to infirmary by the secretary and I soon as I walked in there, two tall figures glomped me, causing me to topple over...



The End

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