Descending Down To A Dark World, Mom



The sky roared. The sky sniffled. Then, the sky let it all out, crying on us on this gloomy day. It was a day when my mother was going to be laid down to rest. I stood next to my my sister, Bailey, and my father. I was wearing pure white dress with white gloves. My sister was, also, wearing a white dress. Everyone else, though, including my father, was wearing black.

Black is the color of the night. White is the true color of death. The words rang around my head when my mother told me that it was the truth. She told this to me when my grandmother, the one from my mother's side, died. My father told me that she was crazy. Who? My mother.

No, my mother was real. Not crazy; she was real. She didn't go off wondering 'What if there was this creature in Asia' or 'What if I was an angel?' Please, she was a realist or whatever you call them. She never believed in God, or his angels. She never believed in Satan or his demons. She just believed that we are here and that's that. Nothing else.

She doesn't believe in the Lochness Monster or dwarves. Those tiny people who have that little bone disorder? She just calls them Kids With Manners.

Probably, she is probably the reason why I am like her. I don't believe in Unicorns like other pathetic girls do. I don't believe in happily ever after type of stories even though I loved The Disney Princesses. That is the only exception.

There is no such thing as vampires, Bella Swan. You are just on drugs. And if there was such thing as vampires or werewolves, vampires don't freaking shine under the sun or werewolves aren't pansies like Jacob Black.

And half the girls in my school think they are Bella Swan and their will-be-boyfriends are Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. Yeah, every single day, I had to wish that there should be like a gun around her somewhere so I could shoot myself in the head.

My mother told me that if there was such thing as God, Mom and my father wouldn't have separated. If there was such thing as God, they would be living a beautiful life; not living in an apartment with a landowner who has the hots for my mom.

So, she made me an athiest as well. I will glare at the cieling tomorrow and I will not blame God because it wasn't him who killing my mother; it was a drunk driver...

"Marie Gold-Olsburg, now lays here before us...before Jesus Christ..." the pastor continued with the final prayers for the death. Tears covered my cheeks as I saw the shine of the mahogany casket from the sunlight. The cemetry guys grabbed the edges of the coffin and lifted it off the platform.

In seconds, she was lowered into a dark world. She was descending down to a dark world without me. How will I survive? I felt Bailey's little hand take hold of my hand. I looked down at her and she was crying. I grabbed her and placed her on my hips.

"Are we going to say with our dad, Iris?" asked my sister in a low tone.

"Yes, hun bun. We have to. He is the only guardian willing to take us in." I whispered back to her as I watched the worked drop mud back into it's place. Everything the soil hit the casket with soft thumps, I cringed. I knew my mother was claustrophobic but it doesn't matter any more.

She is dead.

The End

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