Chasing The Culprit To A New World.

Iris, a eighteen year old red head with startling storm gray eyes, doesn't believe in myth or anything. She belives in Reality.
But when she moves into a farmland with her father, she sees a huge tree...with a door on it. Where will it read?


What am I it the truth? All the time I believed was Reality. I never believed in unicorns, centuars, minotaurs, Egyptian monsters, Horus, Isis, Osiris, Vampires, Werewolves...all the mythical beasts were real. How can it be?

Well, I suppose, stepping through a door that was lodged into a tree...anything can be possible now, I thought dryly as I watched a the bird with arm length tail feathers. It was a gorgeous bird. It's beak was pure black with little holes for it's nostrils. The feathers colors were teal, dark blue, dark purple, indigo, black and royal blue. It's eyes were beautiful purple color and the bird's aura wafted over me, making me feel how legendary, amazing, and strong this bird was.

The bird who spoke to me, telling what I really don't believe is real.

"My name is Razia. I will be your mentor/friend/protector. Everyone in this world has their own protector, different animals or different demons. You are lucky that you got me as your protector." said the bird, then rubbing it's magnificent head to it's chest, probably removing the itch or probably fixing the rumpled feathers on it.

I just stood there, still in shock at what the bird was saying. A bird, exotic or not, beautiful or not, a bird was telling me that it was my mentor slash friend slash protector. What. The. Heck?!

I looked around, uncomfortably and my eyes stopped on the gorgeously designed black door  that was still open; I could still see my farmhouse; I could still see Betty, my favorite horse, walking round and round the tree that she was tied up on. I looked back at Razia, and the bird was staring at me with those smart eyes. I thought parrots were smart.

"Look, Mr. or Mrs. Razia, I-I don't belong here. As you can see? Maybe, you got the wrong girl and---" I continued speaking until Razia lifted his or her right wing up sharply, cutting me off.

"A normal girl won't see this door." said Razia and my eyes popped open. "Yes, you heard me. If your little sister walked across this tree, she will only see a tree bark, not a door, not you, or not me. You are chosen to be here."

"So, you are trying to say that my mom died because I was chosen to be here. You are trying to say that I was here because I was chosen to be here. You are trying--" The bird lifted his wing up again and I got frustrated.

"Your mother was murdered. Not killed in an accident or whatever you humans are trying to say. A car accident like that, a simple bump, can tear your mother in half." pointed out the bird.

"My mom was murdered?!" I almost screeched, starting a weird looking squierrel who was nibbling on a flower. It is suppose to eat a nut; it's unnatural--oh, wait, this an unnatural world.

"Of course. A human mother was murdered by a dangerous mythical beast, allowing the mother's daugther or son to see this door that could help him or her avenge his mothers death or find the killer. This is why you are here. If you keep on going back, one by one, all your family is going to be murdered by this beast and your human law enforcement will only say it was an accident.

A whole family wiped out...was an accident?" asked the bird, cocking it's head to the side and I could feel that it was smirking. "What say you?"

It was a long time I answered. I thought and I thought and I thought over this. My mom was murdered. If I returned back home, my father will die and my sister will, too. I know what to do but something in my head is telling me that whatever I am going to do, will still be a bad idea.

"I say, train me until all your feathers fall off and I could go avenge my mom's death."

The End

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