Love Hate Relationships

Either you hate Valentine's Day or you love it.

But I don't hate it.

I hate you.

I hate the way you look at me.

I hate the way you touch me.

I hate that we have pet names for each other.

I hate the fact that I really like you.


Only I don't hate you at all.

I hate that I love you and you don't love me too.

I hate that the way you look at me makes me want you more.

I hate that the way you touch me leaves me begging for more.

I hate that the cute names you call me don't mean as much to you as they do for me.

I hate the fact that I like you so much and you don't like me too. Or maybe you do?

But that's the problem. The never-ending questions unanswered.

Does he like me? Does he not? Does he hate me? Does he not? Does he love me?

Or does he not?

I hate the fact that we can be open with each other about anything else in world except for how we really truly feel on the inside.

Unless I'm just insane.

And everything that I've ever dreamt up as been one-sided.

One-sided I love you too's. One-sided everything.

It's a possibility.

And that sucks.

The fact that everything I've ever hoped for won't ever happen.

The fact that all I want is you but I don't even know what you want. Do you want me too?

The fact that one day you tell me you like me and the next you're saying I care for you as much as family.

The fact that you put all those winky faces in your texts but openly talk to a girl on Facebook, that looks nothing like me. The complete opposite of me. Is that what you like? Because if it is you can't have me. I will never look like that.

The fact that you say the physical is missing between us. Is it because I don't look like her?

The fact that you can't stare me in the eyes but you can look at any other girl.

The fact that even your best friend, who knows you more than anyone, can't even tell understand what's going on.

The fact that throughout all of my guys, you've always been there.

The fact that you were the one who pointed that out.

The fact that you can sit there and tell me that but can't tell me the real truth.

The fact that I think I know the real truth but I will never know for sure if you never tell me.

The fact that we say "my" in front of each other's names. I'm yours. And you're mine ... right?

The fact that you know my deepest darkest secret.

The fact that you can figure out the other secret I never even told you.

The fact that you can read me so well sometimes.

The fact that I love you.

The fact that you love me.

The fact maybe just maybe we're meant be together, even just for a second. Can you not see that? Can you not feel that?

The fact that you see the real me, even when I don't want to; even when I'm struggling to hide it.


I build myself up, and fly around in circles. Waitin' as my heart drops, and my back begins to tingle. Finally, could this be it? Or should I give up, or should I just keep chasin' pavements? Even if it leads nowhere? Or would it be a waste, even if I knew my place? Should I leave it there?

The End

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