A discontented cop from small-town Georgia sets out to discover himself and find his place in the world.

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       Adam couldn’t wait another moment. He’d waited months for the perfect time to make his move, and the time had finally come. Frank would check his texts in the morning, so Adam had at least twelve hours to decide how he would explain his decision. After all, what were best friends for, if not to keep things interesting? As he shifted the car into gear, Adam swallowed hard to force down the lump that was forming in his throat. “I can do this,” he reminded himself as he headed east on Highway 80, pausing only briefly to glance at the town rapidly disappearing in his rear-view mirror. He drove past the city limits sign – the same one that welcomed him into Twin Oaks nearly ten years ago. Just outside of town, Adam caught a glimpse of the horizon, illuminated softly by the glow of a neighboring city. It reminded him of the life that lay ahead, giving him hope for the future and making him nauseous at the same time. Mile markers came and went; familiar landmarks barreled past him in a blur of South Georgia nighttime and a light misting rain. Adam had spent decades planning, perfecting, and dreaming about the days that were to come. In the light of recent events, he couldn’t be happier to make a fresh start. A new town, full of unfamiliar faces, was more appealing than intimidating. To Adam, it meant a chance to start over and do things right this time around. As he piloted his car into the impending darkness, he felt peace for the first time in years. “Goodbye, Twin Oaks,” Adam said aloud, startling himself with the outburst. “I’d love to say, ‘See ya’ later,’ but I don’t wanna get your hopes up.” Adam chuckled at the humor of his farewell, knowing however that it was the truth. Never again would he drive past City Hall, with its flaking blue paint and unevenly-trimmed shrubbery, or Dr. Mitchell’s run-down clinic with the gaudy fountain full of brackish water and rusty pennies. No, those were things of the past… and Adam intended to leave them there.

The End

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