Chapter 1: The Beginning

Death (Grim Reaper) ...
Is it Evil or Angel?
What if you encounter Death and get to see how it works?
Get to chase it...
And at last find the answer of eternal Question "WHAT HAPPEN AFTER DEATH?"

I was trembling with Fear, still not able to believe what I saw, bewildered with disbelief. Drenched and gasping for air.  Trying to figure out, is it reality or illusion.

My whole body was in pain, which sort of confirmed that this is certainly not a dream.

“Sarah, Are you Ok?” No Answer from her, she was lying there motionless.

I tried to walk towards her, but lack of Air blacked me out for a couple of Minutes and I fell on my knees.  I was not able to breathe properly and felt enormous pain in my chest; I guess a few of my Ribs were broken.

Somehow I collected myself and walked to Sarah who was lying on the shore, I was able to see her under the headlight of my wrecked Car, which was only a few meter away from Sarah.

“Sarah, are you Ok?”

“Say something…” I patted her cheek but she didn’t respond. Her lack of response horrified me; and it seemed as if she was dead.

I looked for help but there was not a single soul present out there. I searched my pockets for my cell phone, but to my horror I found that my phone was soaked. I tried to restart it but it didn’t work.

I knew the time was running out for Sarah, and I needed to do something as soon as possible. I heard fluttering noise of cloth. I looked up and saw same tall black hooded figure with Scythe which I saw floating along with our car moments before wreck, and now it was standing a couple of inches away from Sarah. The strange thing was lights from my wrecked car had no effect on it, as if those lights were eaten within that dark sack that it was wearing.

I perceived drastic difference in temperature which kept dropping every moment. It was like time was stopped and every second gave the impression like an hour. Then it moved and I heard a strange noise coming from it as if it was chanting something but those were neither words nor sound.

I didn’t how long it chanted but I discovered I was not able to move a muscle mean while it was doing so.  Once it was done, he brought his scythe between Sarah’s eyes and tried to pull something out.

As a reflex I stretched my hand to stop it and I believe my hand touched scythe. It was as if lighting stroked me, everything blurred out and I felt something inside was rushing towards my head and my head was swarming with unpleasant thoughts; I could hear the scream of umpteen people. I was losing my senses not able think straight.

“Am I gonna die?”

As far as I remember that was the last thing that crossed my mind.

The End

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