The boy that had just joined him was a head and a half taller, and solidly built. He looked to be at least twelve. His blond hair was almost white, and his eyes were a startling shade of green.

"Uhh... I'm Gorod. The dragon brought me here. Her egg rolled off the scree, and I caught it. She swooped down, picked me up and brought me here. I hope she doesn't think I stole her egg."

"No, If she thought you had taken her child, she would have toasted you on the spot. She was moving the nest closer to the entrance for the egg to get some sun, when it rolled out and fell right off the cliff. I ran after it, but I was too late. She's probably grateful that you saved it."

The other boy came closer to get a better look at the visitor. Gorod watched as Talos walked around him, sizing him up.

"What are you doing, Talos?"

"I'm seeing if you're big enough for The lady's dinner."

Gorod's jaw dropped with sudden fear. He was generally a brave boy for his age, but being someone's dinner frightened him somewhat.

When Talos saw how pale Gorod had become, he realized that the younger boy thought that he was serious!

"I'm just teasing you Gorod. Her Ladyship doesn't eat boys. If she did, I wouldn't be here. I was just seeing if you might be small enough to fit through a small fissure in the rock  at the other end of this cave."

"So I can escape?"

"No, there is no way to escape. The only way out is the way you came in, in the talons of the dragon. No, I want you to go through it and bring back some fruits and berries. I am rather tired of roasted rabbit."

Gorod tilted his head and glanced sideways up at Talos. His expression was the very definition of confusion. Talos laughed, and the sound echoed around the cave.

"Her ladyship brings me small animals to eat. She roasts them for me with her breath. Anyway, there is a small  mountain meadow right on the other side of this cave. I can see fruit trees and berry bushes, but I can't get through the hole."

"Why don't you ask the dragon for help? She doesn't seem to mean you harm."

"She did put one talon in the hole to widen it, but the stones on the other side were loose. It caused a small cave in. Now the hole is even smaller than it was. If you could get through to the other side and remove the loose stones, we would be able to visit the meadow."

"I'll help you if I can, but if there is any way that I can get down from the meadow, I'm going to take it. My parents and brother must be very worried by now."

The End

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