The Darkrok Cave

The mountain looked like a jagged tooth, thrust up through the bowels of the earth. Gorod laughed as the dragon streaked towards it, diving over his village, her massive wings buffeting the maize stalks in the fields on the hillside.

"Hello, Ogg!" he shouted gleefully, waving down at the butcher crossing the street. The man looked up, shocked, then ducked down as the dragon spurted fire out of one of her nostrils at him.

Before long, however, the village was far behind, and Gorod began to realise that this was no idle trip. The egg he had saved was clasped firmly in the forelegs in front of him, gleaming softly in the setting sun. Gorod twisted and turned, trying to get comfortable, but the dragon tightened her grip on him and he winced as the claws dug into his shoulders.

Cold winds swept into them as they reached the mountains on the opposite side of the valley. Gorod saw rivers meandering below like trickling blue snakes; the mountain peaks smothered with snow which soon rose higher than they were flying; the forsaken Firebreath Pass with is battered bridges and corroded steps; and the fabled Darkrok mountain, made of solid granite, looming like a crouched giant on front of them.

The dragon swooped lower, circling as she searched for her cave. After spotting a tiny cleft in the wall of the mountain, she aligned her wings vertically and shot through the fissure on her side, her claws clasping into the wall so as not to become unbalanced. Gorod's back scraped on the side of the cleft - he was starting to become really scared as the faint, sickly sweet smell of rotting meat encroached on his nostrils.

Then, the dragon dropped him. Rolling to break his fall, Gorod sat up and watched the dragon land with a clatter of claws a short distance away on her tail and her hind legs,  returning the egg to what looked like a nest - a hollow depression in the floor of the cave.

The dragon settled down on her haunches, and began to breathe on her eggs until they glowed cherry red.

She remained like this for a long time. Gorod wandered around the cave. The dragon didn't stop him as he ambled to the jagged slit that was the cave entrance. A fifty foot drop awaited him on the other side.

Gorod turned to see another boy emerging from the shadows behind the dragon. His jaw dropped in surprise.

"Hi, I'm Talos. Must say it's been lonely without any human company, but how did you get here?"

The End

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