Resa told Loam the location of the incident - over the wall, at the top of the hill, and within moments, Loam had left with his sword, intending to do whatever it took to find his son. Even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

Scaling the wall with haste, Loam began to run over brooks and around trees - taking the exact same path that his son had only hours before.

Wishing he could take in the beautiful scenery - the lush green grass, the lovely aroma of the flowers, and the wildlife inhabiting the wonderful landscape - Loam pressed on, knowing exactly where he had to go to get a good vantage point on his next location.

Resa had told him about the small cliff that the dragon had appeared from, and so that was where Loam was headed. From there he'd be able to see most of the realm of Haron, and in the distance, the mountain in which most dragons made their home.

Upon arrival at the top of the cliff, he looked over into the distance to see the mountain - grey and sinister, it earned its name. Darkrok Mountain lay at the end of The Firebreath Path - the most feared road in all of Haron, a place where men feared to tread. That was the route he'd have to take. Alone. But he knew it was what he had to do if he had any chance of retrieving his son...

A sudden snap made him come to a halt. Pausing, and looking around, he rested his hand on the handle of his blade, waiting for a surprise attack, possibly from another dragon.

Upon hearing another snap, he pulled his sword from its sheath, and spun around to stare his attacker dead in the eyes.

The End

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