Dragons on the Doorstep

Resa stood, stunned, as she watched the mass of scales and wings carry her youngest son into the distance, every sweep of those giant wings taking him further and further away, until he was out of sight.

Turning tails, she screamed as loud as her lungs could muster, until she felt that her throat would dissolve into a pool of blood. She could not believe it - and it was all her fault.

As fast as her legs could go, she ran downhill towards the wall and towards the village of Crum, where she knew that she had to find a way of bringing her son back.

The steep slope made her loose her balance a few times, but due to her fear and determination, she just got to her feet and continued running, despite the pain she was in. Half running and half jumping closer and closer to Crum, she climbed the wall faster than a cat, and barged through the door into her small cottage.

Loam was alarmed to see tears streaming down her face, her eyes were as red as rubies... As red as the beast that had taken her son from her.

Through gasps for air and wailing cries, she managed to get out a few words.

'Gorod... He-he-he... Taken... Beast... Talons!'

Nothing else was distinguishable after that, but instantly, Loam understood what had happened.

Although he insisted that Gorod was safe on the other side of the wall, he had been wrong. It seemed that the beasts had been getting closer and closer all this time. This was all his fault.

Mustering all the courage he could, he walked swiftly to the other side of the room, put on his boots, and pulled his sword from out of the cupboard.

Resa looked at him, finally out of tears to cry. She knew what he was to do. Loam had to find out where the dragon had taken his son.

The End

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