In all my years I have wondered how different my life would have been if I had not been born into this family. It's people- my people, all pieces in a mere game my father controls. We are his prisoners, yet no one would dare stand against him. For no matter how deep our hatred for him, and the crimes he may have committed against us go, he is still our leader and my father. We are as bound to love him almost as much as we are bound to serve him. There is no escape for us, and as we live forever, so must our eternal punishment carry on alongside it. 

        What once we thought to be our escape from certain death, and what would help us rise up in order to defeat those who stood against us. Now leaves us cold, and hollow as we are doomed to face uncertain agony at the hand of our own foolish imagination. Nothing will ever be as it once was. My father, after leading us to victory against the humans centuries after our journey through our new found way of living began, turned against members in our group he suggested to be conspirering against him for the throne. The act itself causing a break in our family, which in the end brought about my fathers crooked, and selfish new ways. 

            It was in his moment of weakness he risked everything by confiding in a local witch for help securing his rule. Something only a desperate man would have done, and as fate would have it, she obligued his simple request. Although not before asking something of him in return; to this day no one knows of what it was that she asked of him, only that he refused, and with it birthed something much more than he could have ever imagined: a Legacy in which would bring about our end. 

             Within the week, we received word she had been found dead floating in the river, yet before we could find motive to his methods, my father forced us to leave our home. And since that day, we have been prey to his commands. With the witch's death,  our ability to foresake him died too, although I dare say no one ever would without risking an act of his rath. I can see his fear, and I can sense his exhaustion. In all my years I have wondered how different my life would have been we're I born into a different family but, then I ask myself . . . Where would the fun in that be? If it weren't for my father I would be dead. Not only did he breed me to be a warrior, someone built to rule once he descends but, he made me unwillingly stubborn, and I'd be damned if I let whatever Legacy that witch brewed up be the end to my family, or my father.

              Even if it means finding whatever it is my father is running from means I will die. At their very least I have to try. If not for my father but, for my people. For them to finally stop running, and find peace within a new home. They all deserve that much. So I'll take my leave when the moon rises, and although the thought of my abscence leaves my family weaken to  attack, I know this must be done. To better our chances of having that future, we must first prove ourselves worthy. I will be victorious, or I'll kill them all.


The End

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