Chapter 1

Nathan Dawson, a student at McClain High School just lost his best friend in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. After almost 10 years, he forgets it all. But it will come back to him, when more side effects from the car accident happen.


Cori and I are driving along Interstate 5 on the way to school with country music playing. Its a hot day, the sun beaming, the sky clear, the Californian desert heating up every minute. There is never traffic on this road. Cori and I only take this road because its away from the city. Its where we  are able to think, to calm down. But there is another car very distant from where we are driving. Its swerving left and right over and over. I remind Cori that it maybe is a drunk driver, so she pulls over. Letting the driver go, we continue. Then, it hits us. The vibration from the back of the car is alarming, pushing us almost our of our seats. My eyes are only open for a few seconds, but in those seconds, I see Cori fly out of her seat, screaming for her life and she comes out head first through the window. I also scream and everything is black.

The End

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