Neimi is a theif of time. Going back and forwards to commit robberies and gaining loot. How long until she is caught? That all starts when she learns to trust

Washington DC, 3090.

The safe was deafened by alarm bells, A flood of men in Black suits flooded the halls and surrounded the Chrome safe door. Lucus Dermine, the head of the security, swiped his card and entered the pin. The safe door opened as smoke flooded out of it. After the smoke had passes hundreds of the men in suits piled into the safe. The room was empty everything, incliding the glass case which holded the emereld. A Gaping hole in the cieling flooded light in. "Where is she!" Lucus shouted at the hole. But Neimi was long gone.

Outer Space, Orbiting the planet Tasem 5239.

Holding the Diamond in her hand twirling them Neimi threw it in her bag. It hit the other loot with a clank. She threw the bag over her shoulders and look around her empty ship. Falling into her chair, Neimi swings some bracelets on her finger. Then throwing them back into the sack. Somthing was strange, somthing was different. Neimi felt like something or someone was missing. A little while after Neimi Got up and set her ship for her hideout and Stash. The rockets lit up and the ship carried her into the future to the Checksloon Galaxy where her Stash was located.

The End

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