Charred Bones, Ashen Graves

This is a story about a girl who destroyed her life by being greedy.

Today, there are four extra graves in the dirt. One that reads Cathy McCurry, one that reads Donald McCurry and two more that read Carri McCurry and Keith McCurry. My family. Today, there is one extra nameplate that has been thrown out. One that reads Marilyme Martine. My co-worker. Today, there is one less star in the sky. One less star, because I wished it so. All this, because I wanted it so.

I wanted a world without all the war. I wanted a world without all the pollution. I wanted a world without all the hate for others, and I got it. All the war was directed at me. All the pollution was directed at me. All the hate was directed at me.

I got my wishes. I relieved the world of war, pollution, and hate… And now I look up at it from Hell.

I ruined everything. All for stupid, little old me. I was selfish, and now I’m paying the price.

Now, as I think back on my life, I realize what I have done, and I am repenting. Wishing I were somewhere else. I am now wishing I were lying in a grave. Feeling nothing, seeing nothing, thinking nothing.

My life used to be perfect.

Today, my nameplate says Camryn Goldenvale, but that does not feel like my name. Today, my birth certificate says twenty-five years old, but that does not feel like my age. Today, my status on the internet says "Alive And Well", but that does not feel like my status. My status feels "Empty", and I don't care, because I'm going to Hell, anyway...


The End

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