A new start

 “How may I help you?” asked the woman behind the desk in the front office of an estate agent.

“I’m looking for a house.” I said casually looking around the office. It was small and under furnished, the walls were painted sky blue and the carpet was plain white. In the middle of the room was a single desk with a computer and paperwork filed up on the mahogany. The room itself was tiny and I was surprised that anyone could actually come here to buy a house, there were no pictures on the walls and no sunlight coming in from any windows…come to think of it, there were no windows.

“Aren’t you a little young to be buying a house?” asked the woman sternly, she looked like one of those people who didn’t like having their time wasted.

 I sighed, I had never done anything like this before, well I never needed to before this, so I didn’t realise that someone of my age couldn’t buy a house. I smiled at the woman who still looked annoyed, she was a small chubby woman, her hair fell in loose curls around her round face and her blue eyes seemed to have lost their shine, she looked utterly bored. I pulled out a fake ID which had been given to me when I turned thirteen by Annie, who said that one day I may need to get away to a safer place but I would need to act like an adult. Well I could act like an adult sometimes and be a teenager other times. I gave the ID to the woman and said sweetly “It is always so nice to be seen as a younger girl, but I must assure you that I am actually a twenty year old woman, I must admit that I didn’t grow enough and I didn’t seem to mature when I was younger.” I think the woman bought it because she smiled back at me and said “sorry I can never be too sure. I didn’t grow well either well not the right way anyway.” She laughed and began typing rapidly on her computer.

 “Is there any particular place you are looking at living in?” she asked professionally, never taking her eyes off of the computer screen.

“Somewhere near the school would be nice.” I said politely, I would have to go to school, I decided that before I arrived in my new home, I would have to be like a normal child and go to school, but I was going to have to pretend to be an adult the rest of the time. Life was going to be hard for me now.

“May I ask why?” the woman asked uncertainly, was she being nosy on purpose or was this just part of her job?

“I have some friends who live near the school so it would be nice to live close to them.” I replied

“Ok then, well you have no credit issues and this is the first house you will have owned right?” I nodded “Well the closest to the school that we have is an old eighteenth century semi-detached. The price for this is two hundred thousand, one hundred and sixty five, it is a little expensive and a little inappropriate for a first house.” She turned the screen towards me to show a very pretty house. It looked extremely old but was just like the houses we had back home, it was perfect, the walls were not painted, they were just bricks, the arch windows had stained glass in them and the garden was small and dainty, with it’s mown lawn and red tulips growing.

“Its perfect!” I exclaimed “I don’t care how much they want for it, I will take it.”

 The woman stared at me in disbelief “Oh, oh ok then well we will need to fill in some paper work and seeing as the owner passed away a year ago the house will be yours as soon as you put down a deposit.”

“ok how much is the deposit?” I asked placing my briefcase on the floor to make sure she couldn’t see the inside; I pulled out three huge rolls of ten pound notes and closed the case again.

“The deposit is eight thousand pounds, as soon as you pay this off you can start living in the house straight away.”

I placed one of the rolls on the desk and the woman continued to gawp at me as I took the paper work form her hands and began to fill it in. When I was finished I gave it to the woman and said “Can I live there now?” I didn’t know what I was doing, I had no idea on how to buy a house but I thought it was going pretty well.

“Now? No we need to get the paper work checked out and do more credit checks also we…” I was tired of her voice, I know I shouldn’t have but I did anyway, I pulled the barrier from our minds and took control.

The woman’s eyes glazed over and she looked a little dazed “That will be fine, I will do everything, have a good time in your new home.” She handed me a set of keys “here are the house keys goodbye.”

“Thank you, it has been a pleasure.” I smirked and walked out of the estate agents and onto the streets. It was strange here, the air was smoky, not pure like at home, there were some strange things on the roads, people inside metal boxes on wheels, what were they? They were the strangest things I had ever seen, the people seemed to be riding in them, we used horse and carriage at home, maybe these…things were what made the air so dirty, I mean there was black smoke coming out of a little pipe at the backs of the things.


I walked the entire way to the house, staring at my surroundings in bewilderment, everything was so different here, it was like walking into the future. There were so many different flowers, I had never seen those things the sign said were called Carnations, or the ones named Daffodils, where had they come from and why had I never seen them before? On the way I stopped in a small shop, it was odd, there was a small waiting area and a big counter in which there were sausages and something I had never seen before, it was like a round version of a sausage. When I asked what it was the man looked at me as though I was an idiot so I glared at him. He said it was called a hamburger so I asked for one and ate it. It was delicious and greasy especially with the potato things called chips. This place was already so much better than home, it was amazing.

 The house was just as I had imagined it, it looked exactly like the picture all clean and pretty. I unlocked the front door, smiling because I knew this house was mine, and mine only. The rooms were all completely empty, but that didn’t matter because I couldn’t wait to start spending some money on new clothes and furniture. It was going to be so much fun.

 This was it, the start of my new life and I was loving every minute of it. I didn’t know how it could get any better.

The End

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