Charm Weaver

Life is hard, everyone knows that. Everyone has found this out some way or another. You have to work hard to earn a living; nothing is ever what you think it is going to be and when you think something is perfect, well, it just never is. Everyone has the same problems whether they know it or not, most people like to complain about theirs whilst others suffer in silence. I am one of those sufferers in silence, I do as I’m told when I’m told, I never talk back and I never ever disobey! You may think that I am some timid child, but if I were normal I would be nothing like I am. Yes that’s right, I said “if I were normal” so to answer your unspoken question I will tell you, no I am not a normal child, I am a fourteen year old Charm weaver in training, who just so happens to be princess of a forgotten country. I know, it is predictable and I am sure you saw that coming, but what am I supposed to do, make up a load of mumbo jumbo to make me sound less…lame?

 Well I am guessing you are wondering what a Charm weaver is, so I will let you know. A Charm weaver is a person who can control people, when I am sixteen I will be able to choose an element and then I will be able to control it from then on, we can cast, well, charms, we can hear the thoughts of others if we really want to but we tend not to do so as it is a terrible thing to hear what someone is thinking, it makes you look at said person in a completely different way, we can communicate with certain animals, it depends on what sort of soul that Charm weaver has, each Charm weaver can communicate with a different animal. There are only a few of us left, as Charm weavers are girls only, sexist I know, and are only born to families with different generations, and even then, the child usually does not make it past their first birthday, horrible, I know. I guess you’re thinking that I should be thinking myself as lucky, but to be honest, I feel that the children who died when they were younger are so much luckier than I. They got out of this straight away whereas I have had to endure so much training it nearly has killed me, fun is a foreign concept to me as I never have any, and my parents act as if I am a leper, they won’t touch me and they try their hardest to avoid eye contact, if we are in the same room as each other they will look uncomfortable and usually leave before I can talk to them.  Just because my parents were the king and queen did not mean that they were the world’s greatest parents, in fact they were the complete opposite and I doubted that they even saw what they were doing to their daughter. They were afraid of me! It tore me apart and when I was just six years old they made me wonder what was wrong with me.


 Does my life sound so great now? No I didn’t think so. I do have people I can talk to though, my fellow Charm weavers. We are a few in numbers, around ten at the most, we meet whenever we can and just talk, and train. My teacher, Annie, is the eldest Charm weaver in the group, she is only twenty seven and ever since I first met her she has taught me how to control my powers and how to act like a normal child.

 I remember when I first met Annie; I was six and didn’t understand what I was. I couldn’t understand why my parents were afraid of me and I felt unloved. I felt that my parents would be better off without me and I doubted that they would notice that my presence was gone, but I needed to get their attention somehow. I remember packing up a few of my belongings into a small pink bag and running from the palace with tears leaking down my cheeks, I didn’t even leave a note. When I was as far from the palace as my little legs could carry me I sat on the pavement, I didn’t bother to look around me, I was not in the mood for sight seeing, I was tired and finding it hard to breath so I was just going to sit on that pavement for as long as I possibly could.

“Princess Jessica?” I heard someone say. Yes my name is Jessica, not some formal princessy name like Victoria or Elizabeth, just plain common Jessica “What are you doing in a place like this?” asked the person again; I could tell from the sweet voice that it was a woman. I looked up to see a young woman she looked as though she were in her early twenties. She had long blonde curls and hazel eyes, her skin was white and flawless, her lips were bright red and she was very skinny, she was like a living porcelain doll. She was smiling kindly down at me and I wondered how she knew me, my parents were secretive of me, but then again, I doubted that the king and queen could hide that they had had a child.

“I ran away” I said in my childish, sulky voice looking down at the floor again.

“Why?” she asked me, she was not being very polite to me, and I was royalty! Shouldn’t she be curtseying and telling me what an honour it is to meet me? Well she wasn’t doing that, I guessed that she thought that I was a freak, just like my parents did. “I do not think that you are a freak, I am merely interested in why you ran away.” I gawped at her; she knew what I was thinking, just like I could hear other’s thoughts if I really wanted to. I had used that power on my parents to find out what they thought of me, and then I wished I hadn’t but that is a completely different story, one which you will find out later.

“How did you know that?” I asked my voice no longer sulky.

“I am like you child.” Like me? What did she mean by that?

“I am a Charm Weaver like you.”

“A Charm weaver?” I was mumbling to myself mostly but I knew she heard me

“Yes child, a Charm weaver, like you. You have powers that your family doesn’t and you don’t understand how to use them and you don’t know why you have them.”

All I could think of was yes! A friend to play with! I was six at the time so it is not unusual that I wanted a friend, having been practically alone all my life.

“Yes, now why did you run away?” asked the woman her smile broadening.

I put back on my sulky voice and said “Mummy and Daddy don’t love me so I think they will not care that I’m gone. Then they can have all the babies they want who they will love and they won’t be scared of me anymore.”

“Oh Jessica, they do love you, they just do not understand what you are. Just because they can’t see it does not mean this isn’t true, you are a very special child.” The woman sat down next to me and hugged me. I was shocked, this was the first time I had ever been hugged, and it was nice, I felt loved for once. I realised how unhappy I was and I began to cry. “Oh child, do not cry, I will take you to a place were everyone will love you, but afterwards you will have to go back home.”

I nodded and wiped my eyes which felt really sore. The woman took my hand and lead me down the street, all the time I kept my eyes on the floor and did not ask any questions.

 We walked for what seemed like forever, it was probably only a five minute walk but my legs were so short and my lungs already burning that it seemed to take a lot longer than that.

“Here we are princess.” Said the woman, she pulled me into what looked like a cave, I was so afraid, it was dark and damp and I could barley see. “Do not be afraid.” She said still leading me further and further into the cave. After a very short while there was a light at the end of the tunnel, which the woman lead me to.

 There was a bright white door bathed in a bright glow, the woman placed her hand on it and the door opened out to show a small living room. It looked cosy and neat. The walls were the sides of the cave, covered in posters of random people I had never seen before, a fireplace had been carved into the stone at one end and there was a roaring fire crackling in it. There was a sheepskin rug I front of the fire and around the room ten chairs were placed in a circle, they were all comfy looking armchairs. It looked so welcoming, i9 had the sudden urge to jump in one of the chairs and settle down.

The woman laughed and took me inside, eight women stood by a small table off to the side they looked like they were discussing something important. They were all older than me, but were of all different ages, they all looked like they were in their teens, some in their early teens and some in their late teens. To me they all just looked big. When the woman shut the door everyone looked up, they all began to whisper to one another whilst keeping their eyes on me. I beamed at the people because, being six, I wasn’t really afraid of meeting people, I was only afraid of the monster under my bed which my daddy wouldn’t chase away for me. Everyone laughed and I joined in too even though I didn’t know why.

“Everyone, this is Jessica, she is another Charm weaver. I found her sat in the middle of the streets because she ran away from home as she was lonely and unloved. Everyone welcome her to our family.” Said the woman, she took my hand and lead me over to the others. I was greeted by warm hellos and hugs, it was…nice. Afterwards we sat down and talked, I found out all about Charm weavers and the powers we get, I also found out why people fear us. Apparently there was a war between Charm weavers and normal people which was started because the ‘normal’ people didn’t want us to have our powers, that was when there were many Charm weavers, the people set out and began killing innocent Charm weavers and others they suspected to be Charm weavers. A year after the slaughtering was still happening, so a young Charm weaver stepped out of her hiding place and began taking control over everyone in charge, it was a disaster because she couldn’t control her powers properly as she had been in hiding her whole life, many people died, normal people and the Charm weavers who tried to stop her. In the end Charm weavers were killed off and long forgotten but then we came back, and were feared.

 It was an intriguing story, when it was finished I was so happy, sitting in the big armchair next to the roaring fire, I actually felt like part of the family. At the end I was finally told the names of everyone in the group. The woman was Annie; there were three thirteen year olds called Rose, Lilith and Sage, two fourteen year olds named Ivy and Hyacinth, there were two fifteen year olds who were called Alisa and Isabella, and finally there was one sixteen year old called Bailey. It was so strange because they all had odd names, things that sounded rare and exotic, and then there was my name, so common and normal. It sounded strange to hear all of our names together it sounded like this: Annie, Rose, Lilith, Sage, Ivy, Hyacinth, Alisa, Isabella, Bailey and Jessica. It really does sound strange; it was also strange that most of them were named after flowers. Well that doesn’t matter, so back to the actual story. As a six year old I was finally happy, then I was sent back home, my parents hadn’t even noticed I had been gone, which I wasn’t too annoyed about seeing as I had friends and a new family! After first meeting them I would meet with them nearly every day, we would talk like a family and then Annie and Bailey would train us on how to use our powers, it was the best time of my life, and I was happy, until I turned fourteen.

 I had been so happy about being a teenager, I loved every minute of it, I felt older and more experienced with my powers and life in general, but my loneliness was getting greater every day. Everyday I had lessons with a private tutor who acted as though I were a monster and stared at me in disgust when he thought I wasn’t looking, it was so frustrating, I barley had time to visit the other Charm weavers. I was no spoilt princess like you would expect me to be, I had chores! I had to do my school work, then I had to feed the guard dogs, which was almost like suicide – those things were vicious – then I would have to help clean the kitchen, sweep the palace floors etc, it was like I was a maid and not the princess. I knew I wasn’t meant to be treated like that, I had seen other princesses at the palace sometimes when there was a ball, which I might add, I was not invited to, they were spoilt rotten, they we waited on hand and foot and no one cared what they did as long as they looked good in front of people. It was so horrible to feel unloved, but I managed to get through it a day at a time. There was one day though, when I could not take it anymore, the day my life changed forever.

 I was sat at the breakfast table one morning eating my burnt toast, my father was sat at the opposite end to me, he was eating toast as well, his wasn’t burnt, and he was doing his best not to keep eye contact with me. I chewed the charcoal bread slowly thinking of how I could stop them from hating me, I ended up with nothing.

“Have you done your school work?” asked my father suddenly, still not making eye contact

“Yes.” I replied glaring at him, I knew he could see me doing so because he kept looking back at me and shifting his wait uncomfortably.

“good.” He said “Finish your breakfast and then get straight to work.” He mumbled, sweat was dripping down his face, you would think he had the Spanish inquisition on his hands with the way he acted, but no it was his teenage daughter. I was sick of doing everything I was told, I had never stepped a toe out of line and yet they treated me like a servant, someone not worthy to be the heir to the country.

I took in a deep breath and replied calmly “no” my father looked as though he had just been stabbed in the foot, his face turned bright red and his expression made me want to laugh, he looked so angry.

“What did you say to me?” he asked finally turning towards me and looking me in the eye for the first time. “I said ‘No’ I am not going to do what you tell me to when all you do is treat me like something you just stepped in, I am not worthless and I have a right to be treated fairly like a normal child.”

“You will do as you’re told!” he yelled, stepping even closer towards me, I couldn’t resist it then, I had to know what he thought about me, it was too frustrating to not understand what went through his head when he saw me, even though he was mad at me I doubted that his feelings would be any different from when he was ‘normal’. I had resisted reading my parents thoughts for fourteen years but now I had to know. I concentrated and removed the barrier that stopped me reading people’s thoughts. I wished I hadn’t read them when I did though, his thoughts were worse than anything I could have imagined:

Why were we cursed with this demon child? She will turn on us soon and I know it, I knew we should have killed her the instant we found she was one of those monsters, I wish she would hurry up and die like those who do not make it past their first year, we would have been a happier family if she had died before we found out, so if she died now we could carry on and act like we never had that thing as our ‘daughter’ then we could have more children who would be normal, we could be a proper family. She is not worth the clothes on her back, she is not worthy of becoming the Queen of this country! I wish she would hurry up and DIE!

I began to back away from my father, placing the barrier back up against his thoughts, I knew I shouldn’t have read his thoughts and I knew that they would be too terrible for me to hear. No child should ever her they father say…or think that they wanted them to die. Tears began to pour down my face, I wished I hadn’t listened, but was it better to hear it now rather than live my life wondering what they think of me? Well he wanted me to die, how was I going to cope with that news? He wanted a ‘proper’ family, one where there was no freak child. I could make that happen.

 “Fine.” I sobbed “You want me dead so badly, then maybe that will just happen! All I wanted was to feel like part of this family I wanted to belong her, I just wanted parents who loved me, like very other child in the world, but no, you think I am evil; well I no longer care what you think of me. Maybe I will die. Have a nice life with your new family; I hope that none of your wanted children turn out to be ‘freaks’ like me. I would hate them to feel as I do, because you have made my life so unbearable it has torn me apart. I know what you think of me, so I will do as you wish. Goodbye ‘father’ I hope you have a ‘happy’ life with your new family!” I ran from the room wiping my burning eyes, I ran straight out of the building, stealing one of my mothers many credit cards on the way, and onto the streets.

 I stood outside of the palace for a little while crying and feeling sorry for myself. “Where am I going to go?” I asked myself. I stood up and walked to the cave where I met with the other Charm weavers. Luckily when I arrived there was no one there, it would have made this a lot harder to do. I walked to the table and opened up a small drawer in the side. “Ah ha.” I said to myself quietly taking out the world map and piece of paper. I opened the map and searched for a small countryside town where no one would ever think of looking for me. “Yes” I whispered to myself, I knew exactly where I was going to go, it was so small and boring that no on would dream of looking there for me. I wasn’t going to tell anyone where I was going but I had to tell Annie and the others why I would no longer see them.

 I took the piece of paper and scribbled in my untidy scrawl handwriting:

Dear Charm weavers

                                I give up! I can’t do this anymore so I have left. I doubt that we will meet again so I thought I had better tell you why that is. I read my father’s mind and found out what he really thinks of me, he wishes for my death, and the chance to start a new family with my ‘mother’ so I thought I would give them that chance. I argued with my father for the first time today and he acted as though I was something so disgusting, he couldn’t even bear to look at me at first, but when he did I saw everything. I can’t live like this, so I am starting my life again.

                            Goodbye friends

                                Ex-princess Jessica


I left the note in plain site, where I knew everyone would see it, on our notice board, there was always something new on there so we were to look at it every day. I felt sorry to leave them all behind, they had been my family for so long, but I needed a real family and seeing as I wasn’t going to get one of those, I had to start again.

 I ran to the only bank in the country and asked the man behind the only desk to withdraw all of the money from the account. When he told me that I was too young to do this, I used my power on him and controlled him so that he would give me the money. I was happy to find that the card had over ten million on it. I felt like jumping for joy when he gave me the ten briefcases, the only problem was, what did I do with them? I couldn’t carry ten briefcases on my own, but then I had an idea, one of the great things about being a Charm weaver was that not only could I control people but as I grew stronger I found I could make objects do my will as well. It took a lot of energy but I didn’t care. I focused on the nine of the briefcases getting smaller, smaller and smaller until they were all able to fit into the tenth briefcase. And when I looked there they were, all packed neatly into the tenth case. I smiled triumphantly before almost passing out. I told you it takes a lot of energy to transform/control things.

 I ran from the bank and to the harbour. I paid for a boat ticket to England and then boarded the boat. Once the boat pulled out of the harbour, I stared across the ocean, loving the feeling that I was free. I was going to start my new life and it was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I was sure of it!

The End

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