Charlie Brown


I could call you Charlie Brown. You've decided to chase that little red head girl! She is a sweetie, she is one of my best friends. Just like you.

She likes the same things as you.  She gives what you couldn't get from me. She is the most amazing person and I love her for a reason, and when you love someone you learn to let them go. Give her everything she deserves. Give her all the things you gave me and more, because you are great at giving and deserves someone who earns it, and will give you everything you gave her and more.

I am so happy you have the strength to run on, even if I ladened your load. The only thing I have yet to come to terms with is I have been replaced. What we had was special and has passed into something new, and you are refilling that old vacant spot.

She will open up your world in ways I never did, and she will learn from you and grow under your warmth. I root for you both because I love you both. But don't forget me, don't forget the moments we had and the things we gave each other, because we were first loves. And love will never die.

The End

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