A Spot of Underage DrinkingMature

‘Found anything?’ I ask, collapsing into a chair beside Gayle. He chuckles and opens his notebook.

‘Actually, yes. I’ve been lucky. I went around, doing a bit of questioning, and it seems that two kids heard some kind of a shout around eleven thirty.’

‘So round about the same time as you, then?’

He nods. ‘Yes, that’s about it. They told me that they went over to investigate a bit, but saw me coming and legged it. I expect they thought it was just drunks, same as me.’


‘Well, it’s near the pub, it was a Friday night-’

‘No, I mean - why did they scarper? You’re just a policeman, not an axe-murderer.’ Although sometimes there isn’t as much difference as you’d think.

‘Well, they were underage and had a bit too much to drink, I guess. They didn’t want me to catch them, if truth be told.’

‘They said this?’

‘Uh huh.’

That’s odd. If they were worried of arrest, or cautioning, or whatever, at the time, then why did they tell Gayle now? It’s not like he can’t arrest them anymore.

I say as much to him.

Gayle shrugs. ‘Dunno. I guess they just felt they should come clean.’

I glance at him out at the corner of my eye. ‘Come on, do you seriously think that? Kids? Come clean? Like that’s ever going to happen.’

‘They’re pretty good kids, actually. I trust them.’

‘Pretty good - apart from the underage drinking. Yeah. Okay.’

But I’m not satisfied. And I can’t believe Gayle is, either. I mean, seriously. Either these kids are telling the truth, or… Or they have something bigger to hide. And that’s why they told the truth, or at least, part of it. To distract Gayle and me from what really happened.

Hey, it’s only a theory. I might be completely wrong. These kids could be telling the truth after all. Everything could be completely innocent.

But somehow, I think not.

The End

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