Time really flies

Charley returned to the house with the paper under his arm. At the kitchen table, he spread open the paper and poured himself a cup of coffee. Horrid headlines of a small airplane crashing onto a playground, killing 4 children. Everyday is was something terrible. It would be nice to see some good news on the front page, once in awhile.

Charley worked his way through the paper, then paused to read  the obituaries. Wow, seventh name down the list was someone with the same name as him. It didn't give much information though, just said 'arrangements later'. Very interesting, that another Charles Hooper lived in this town of ten thousand people.

Charley slid back  his chair, and retrieved the White Pages from the junk drawer. Back at the table he poured another cup of coffee and opened the phone book to the H's. He zeroed in on his own name and address. Hummm, he thought, the other guy must have an unlisted number.

Poe, the cat was hissing. Charley looked over at him. He's hair was still raised on his back, and he hadn't touched his food. "Come here, Poe" Charley said patting his leg. The cat backed up a step, then turned and ran out of the room.

Stupid cat, Charley thought. Then the phone rang. Charley removed the receiver from the wall phone. "Hello?" he said, "Hello?" There was no answer.  Charley hung up the phone, then went into the living room, and flicked on the TV. All the stations were covering the plane crash. Only after giving the weather forecast did they return to local news.


The End

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