A glorious nightMature

At 9 o'clock, Rory made a show of leaving the house, only to creep back in through the window in my bedroom. After all, I was fourteen - what were we going to do? Certainly nothing my mum would disapprove of.

So Rory lay on his side against the wall with me slightly propped up by my pillows on my back beside him and he absent-mindedly stroked my hand as we chatted.

"Where do you live?" I asked Rory. "Can I come round your place some time?"

"If you like: it's nothing special. It's an apartment down south."


"Yeah: a few metres away."

"Ah, in that built-up area?"

"That's the place. The town's called Calimar. I prefer where you live, though. So close to that wildlife reserve."

"Ah, the place where we first met... We should go back there some time."

"I agree."

"Oh, Rory, there was something I meant to ask you. Related to vampires... Would that be okay?"

Rory looked deep into my eyes with a startling intensity, though my senses felt like they were wrapped in thick wool since his eyes were caramel.

"Charley, you can ask me anything."

His gaze became slightly less intense and I was able to think. "It's not such a big question, really. I just wanted to know why it doesn't hurt when you drink my blood. I mean, yeah, it hurts a little when you bite my neck, but afterwards, it's fine. Why is that?"

Rory grinned. "My saliva's anaesthetic."

"Hey, does that mean you could kiss me to sleep?"

"It would take an awful lot of kissing."

"I like that idea - it's romantic."

"So, d'you want me to kiss you to sleep now?"

He leant in and began to kiss me gently.

I found it difficult but I managed to push him away so I could tell him "I don't want to sleep yet."

"I'd bet you'd have wonderful dreams if you did," Rory said, his irises looking slightly fluid as if they were melting.

"Whoa," I said with difficulty, so captivated by his eyes that they were the only thing I could think of. "Don't do that."

"Don't do what?" he whispered, leaning in to kiss me again.

I pulled myself back to reply "... Capture me like that."

"But surely if I capture you, you're mine to treat how I want," Rory said innocently.

"Um..." I was unable to form a coherent answer as he leant in again.

"Don't you think?" he murmured, millimetres away from me.

"Yeah," I replied stupidly, totally focused on the epitome of handsomeness and wonder before me.

Rory smiled. "Cool." And he kissed me.

He stroked my left shoulder and lightly brushed my right cheek with his refreshingly cool fingers so tenderly that I could feel his adoration of me. Each sensation was wonderful and despite my desire to stay awake for as long as possible with Rory next to me, I wanted these feelings to continue - I couldn't bear the thought of the kisses ending. I began to feel slightly drowsy but to my surprise, sleep seemed welcoming because I was suddenly immersed in Rory's warmth. It wasn't his physical warmth because it was a feeling in my mind - it was like the fuzzy feeling you get from a compliment only this had a definite feel of ... Rory (his scent, the taste of his kisses and a stray thought or two of his) behind it. It was totally pleasant and very relaxing (although the kisses soothed me and caressed me on their own).

Soon, I was asleep but Rory continued to send me his thoughts and emotions telepathically so that his essence mingled with my dreams to form bliss. I dreamt we were on a paradisaical island in the middle of an ocean kissing at sunset and I wasn't sure whether it was a product of my subconscious or Rory's imagination. Either way, it was delightful. It made the night the best of my life.

The End

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