First Kiss(es)Mature

I was wearing a blue cotton blouse and a long, white cotton skirt. My hair flowed down my back. I was standing under a tree holding a picnic basket which contained coffee, chocolate, bananas and a mat to sit on. It was ten minutes to seven and part of me wished I'd been more patient and sat indoors under the fan on the ceiling of my bedroom.

Thankfully, Rory turned up early too. He smiled at me warmly, saying, "Hi."

"Hi," I said back. I pulled the mat out of my picnic hamper and laid it out on the ground. We sat down.

"So, you hungry?" Rory asked.

"Not really. You?"

Rory shook his head.

"Well, I brought coffee, chocolate and bananas for if you do get hungry."

Rory grinned. "Very random foods."

I shrugged. "My favourites."

"Ah yes, I need to put together a list of your favourite things for if we have another date."

"If?" I asked. "Not when?"

"I can't be presumptuous."

"It's pretty safe to say there'll be at least two or three after we've known each other a month and I agreed to Date Number One."


"Yeah. I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings by not giving things a chance."

"I'm actually surprised you said yes at all."

I shrugged. "You're a nice guy. I've never thought about you romantically before but I don't see any reason to hate you." Except that nightmare you had, an annoying part of my mind said. I shoved it away. Dreams were not reality.

"I see," Rory said, smiling. "I think you're a wonderful person for doing this."

"Really?" I asked, half flattered, half sceptical.

"Well," Rory said quietly and it was only then I realised we were leaning in towards each other, "I thought you were wonderful anyway."

I closed my eyes as warm brown eyes filled my vision. I could swear they turned caramel-coloured the exact second before my eyes shut. Our lips brushed and we shared a sweet, gentle, tender kiss.

‘Do you trust me?' Rory asked in my mind.

‘Yes,' I thought-replied.

Can I stop blocking out your thoughts?'

I wondered if he would probe my mind while I answered ‘Yes'.

‘I won't probe.' he thought-murmured.

I mentally sighed as the kiss dominated my thoughts.

We broke away smiling.

"That felt so ... natural," I told Rory whose eyes looked like caramel for a second before they went brown again.

"It did," Rory murmured in agreement. "Can you believe I've never kissed a girl before?"

"No," I said, grinning.

Rory chuckled. "And what about you? Were you ever the light of someone's life?"

"No," I replied, laughing. "I'm only fourteen."

"Yet you kiss like you've known how to love your entire life."

I sighed. "So do you, Rory."

"Say my name again, Charley. Caress it with your soft, calming voice; caress me as the words flow off your tongue like water, sweet as honey. I'll catch them and cherish them - every single drop."

"I never dreamed you were so romantic, Rory. Yet how could I? I saw so little before this evening."

And Rory leant in to kiss me again. He ran his fingers through my hair and stroked my shoulder (making it relax completely) as my arms rested on his shoulders so I could stroke his back and his hair.

‘Do you trust me, Charley?' he thought-asked me again. ‘I could hurt you, you know.'

‘I trust you,' I thought-replied sincerely. ‘And I could hurt you too now.'

I saw why it was so important for him to be absolutely certain: no one had ever trusted him before and now that he was beginning to care deeply about someone, he couldn't face rejection again.

When we broke away, our expressions were different. We looked serious now.

The End

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