Over the next few weeks, we were very busy. Rory hypnotised my mum to accept him again (as he'd followed my instructions to the letter on the night we'd had that ridiculous fallout) and he took me to see my apartment (again, upon my request). Seeing how tiny it was and thinking of how lonely it must be, I insisted that he moved in with my mother and I. My mum, glad now that I was content, was only too happy to let Rory stay (even rolling her eyes when he promised to pay rent) and so we began moving all of his stuff to our house. While I was at school, he put his flat up for sale and settled in. Then, there was my birthday party to arrange. Rory and my mother went out of their way to give me the best fifteenth birthday I could have imagined. Then came Christmas and New Year. Everything that happened was wonderful and life was truly perfect. I couldn't wait for the future to unfold, especially since Rory would be right at my side.

THE END (for now)

The End

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