It was a month since the last night I had seen Rory. I was still upset. I didn't care that my grades had been falling or that I was losing so much weight that I was nearly dangerously thin, I could only think about Rory.

I got up in the morning, took a quick shower and then headed to the kitchen for breakfast. My mother couldn't be around me: it was terrible for her health; and so I ate my breakfast in silent loneliness.

I noticed there was a letter on the table, addressed to me. Curious, I picked it up and opened the envelope. I pulled out the letter.

The writing was neat and sloping. What it said was this:

Dear Charlotte,

I have been thinking about the things I said to you on the last night you saw me (I still see you around from time to time, but never approach). I realise how stupid I was, how careless and selfish to tell you that I would not grant you a request made on your deathbed. I was tortured by the thought of hurting you and this drove all other considerations out of my mind. I need you to know that I would do anything for you, even change you into a vampire. After all, I couldn't bear the thought of living without you - this last month has revealed as much. I apologise for my reckless words which I know caused you a lot of pain. I can only hope for your forgiveness for I totally understand your reaction and lack of desire to see me again. If you cannot bring yourself to see me in any sort of positive light, I guess I can understand that too. Just know that I love you and will continue to do so for the rest of my lif  existence. You touched my heart, awakening feelings inside of me that I never thought would show themselves again. The way in which you disregarded my vampirism gave me hope for the future and was the spark of dreams and ambitions I also thought I had lost for good. My soul continues to sing the song you have taught it and my mind will remain a secret garden that only you can explore. I love you so so much and don't care that I am setting myself up for heartbreak if you don't feel the same. I will never forget you, Charlotte Linton: you were the best thing that ever happened to me.

Love enough to fill the oceans,


P. S. I will cherish the memories of the good times as if they were abandoned children.

I folded the letter, my face tear-strewn. Did I forgive him? Oh yes, I did. If something happened like this again? I wouldn't care. I ran out of the house, out into the empty street and shouted with every thought in my mind 'RORY!'

The End

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