I shouldn't exist.

I'm Sylo.

I don't have a last name, well, not as far as I know anyway. Technically I shouldn't exist, but I do. Thanks to some so called "miracle worker" I was saved from death around 600 years ago. That sucked, seeing as to do so they altered my genetic DNA. Now I'm only 50% human. The other half is like something from a movie. I'm the last thing you'd want to meet, I look like an abomination and I was created to be one. Pity that my "savior" 's pet monster retained a trace of its own identity when it woke up. None the less, I'm still 100% killer. What's worse, is that I'm immortal. Forget vampires, werewolves and all that other guff, I'm the real deal.

I'm Sylo. Your worst nightmare.

The End

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