Just a few random characters who may or may not have been assigned to stories yet :) Need to get them outta my head!

Hey, I'm Zac.

A few things you should know about me are that you'll always know few things about me, and that I don't talk. I don't write much.

I sing lots and I like to play bass. My little sister sings too and I paint her because she's just small. She makes us clap when she sings.

I wear too much black and I'm not happy often enough. I should buy new sneakers because I can afford it, but I know I never will.

I love Cora. She loves tennis. Argyll says I'm sexy and I tell her to buy a new jumper (Thanks for the line, Alli). She's taking the mick anyway. Probably. She's my best friend.

And Rhys. He likes rugby, and music. He's from Wales, Mumbles to be exact. That's near Swansea. He has brown hair and two little brothers, Luke and Adam. He worries about me too much; he says he's allowed to because he's older.

He shouldn't worry.

I'm fine.

I'm Zac.

The End

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