Inspired by the Anthony Gormley figures on Crosby Beach...and my studies on grammar schools and Standard English...

He planned and built them out of the iron rules of precision: eager and loyal observers of the world, ready to be immersed under the tides of the standard and norm.

Side by side, row by row, in equal distance apart they stood, in pure uniformity. It was the ideal - the ultimate vision - setting an example to be seen from the Atlantic Ocean. This was the way it should be, and this was he way it would be.

Or so he thought.

His little models were all once perfectly identical, but now they all have their own characters; their own personalities. The waves of the world have washed over them one too many times, and now they all have their own story to tell, and their own language to speak it in.

No more the image of perfection, these figures still stand on both together and alone, on the cold abandoned shores of the sea. 

The End

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