Character Bio

Monet Fischer's Flaws and Strengths etc. Thats 'bout it.

Character Bio

Name:Monet Fischer

Age: 19

Likes: Sewing,reading,riding her bike

Dislikes: Braggers, people who disagree with her

Ethnicity: White, German

Favorite Bands: Cypress Hill, Necro, Bloody Mess and the Skabs, Everlast

Appearance: Have shaved white hair, 145 lbs, green eyes, often wears flannel and baggy sweatpants, 5'2

Strengths: Somewhat good at writing, kind of thrifty?  She knows how to win an argument

Weaknesses: Monet copes with a disease called paranoia personality disorder.  She has a really bad attitude, she lets her anger take hold of her.

The End

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