Chapters 6-10 life as we knew it reader response

In this book so far we have seen many times of grief, but these chapters really took the cake. I can really relate to this book personally I have a times where i didn't think it could get much better, but as usual something always cheers me up.  I think that Miranda is handling the situation like and high school student would, which sometimes that isn't the right way. These chapters made me have feeling of suspense, mainly because of all the fights between miranda and her mother, although I did like it. It made me feel very connected to the characters. If I were in these situations, i honestly feel like i could get out of them. sometimes i feel like these characters sometimes get into fights for no reason. 


Miranda has been very excited for her trip to springfield,but she hasn't heard from her grandmother, therefore her trip is cancelled. Miranda is very upset, and next to that she leaves Horton out too late and he is  missing for two days. Oh boy what a relief Horton shows up to the door late one night.  When it comes time for Dad and lisa to visit they bring lots of food, but Mom doesn't think it will be enough. Yet again more fights come,and this is how the chapter finishes 

The End

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