Chapters 6-10 JournalMature

In the Summer portion of this book many important conundrums and drama to the book as well as problems that we see today. One of the most important things that happened were the volcanoes erupting by the change  in gravity which is one of my major things that I didn’t see happen in the first portion of the book. Many things happen that are stereotypical for 16 year olds in the summer as they were trying to create the perfect summer for each other.


In the book a character named Dan, who wasn’t mentioned much before, from Miranda’s swimteam shows interest in here and she sends signals back. They end up having a summer romance as they meet up everyday and enjoy their favorite pastime, swimming, as they see the world coming to an end around them. This of course rises conflicts between Miranda and her mom as she accusing them of having unprotected sex with a possibility of a baby. Of course they have never done this but this caused very strict feelings between the two. Eventually Dan has to move down south so that he can survive because supposedly Texas is a better environment to live in as they have gas, electricity, and most importantly food. This whole side storyline of the book shows how two young people are trying to recreate what could happen in any other summer in shock and distress.


At the end of chapter 7 you learn something that is very important that changes the course of the rest of the summer. Volcanoes erupt all across the world that causes the atmosphere to be clustered with ash. One of the most popular doomsday situations we have in America is Yellowstone’s volcano erupt, which is a supervolcano. That volcano alone can push us into an ice age let alone all of the volcanoes in the world. The day that she wakes up to find out she has a weird feeling of how the sky was emitting an aura around her.”I woke up this morning and immediately sensed that things were different.”, in Miranda’s words she could ‘sense’ the world was coming to another tragic ending that could kill them even faster.

One very important thing that happens is that her mom is showing sacrifice but won’t let anyone know it. Miranda slowly notices that, just like Megan, she is not eating as much as she should. Miranda feels like she favors her younger brother over her because she cuts back on food as soon as he leaves and doesn’t resume until their father leaves from visiting. Personally if I were in that situation I would of been cutting back a little bit from the beginning instead of waiting until a month and a half after the day that changed their life happens. Overall the text shows worries but more intense than they are today that are the exact same such as teenage pregnancy or volcano eruptions. One of my personal favorite things that happens is that they finally brought the realization of gravity changing in this portion, aside from the fact of tides turning into tsunami’s.

The End

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