Chapters 16- 21 Life as we knew it

Mrs.Nesbitt died she also told Miranda that she could have everything in the house that was left over. Miranda also knew that it Mrs.Nesbitt was starving herself to keep food for them to have and she still had running water with clean blankets. Miranda also gave mom and Johnny their presents for Christmas.Johnny decides to eat one meal a day too.Miranda's mom decides that Miranda needs to skip a meal every day so that Matt and Johnny can live longer. Miranda was keeping a journal so that she c

      Some of the distort gender role's in the book were that Miranda's mom wanted Johnny and Matt to have all that food so , Miranda had to eat one meal per day and they could have longer lives than Miranda and her mom. I also think thought it was wrong that Miranda's mom wants her to only to eat one meal per day. I think that is wrong because all people should be treated equally no matter what in my opinion. I think Miranda's mom was being a little harsh when her mom did that to Miranda.

The End

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