Chapters 1-5 life as we knew it journal

I think the characters have been pretty calm and self motivated. They have managed to help each other and get along. Compared to most people I think that they have handled the situation pretty good. Think about it! If an asteroid hits the moon and brings it closer to earth's orbit then what are you gonna do? How will you handle the situation?  Of course your gonna get scared and freak out but with so much chaos happening you're gonna have a heart attack. Not literally a heart attack but you will freak out bad. But one thing that stands out about these characters are that they are calm and that they are not fighting and blaming others for some stupid reason. This book could let the reader have a brief moment about the characters feelings and what they are struggling with. But this text so far has interested me so far. It's not boring or stupid it's like heart warming;). Thinking about the moon interacting in the earth's atmosphere is pretty scary. That means having random weather changes and also the moon is way closer so that's gonna be pretty weird and then the tides would be rapid and possibly cause floods. But if I were in the characters shoes I'd just stay with my family or i'd go out and fight crime because you obviously know prisons are gonna get into big riots and they're gonna get over ran and people are gonna go crazy and kill others. 

The End

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