Chapters 1-5 life as we knew it journal

I feel that in the text characters have been very static. They have already had there up's and there down's. This book can make a reader think how life can go from great to grand to down right bad. The main characters I feel are working at the situation very quickly. They act as if they know,but don't know what to do. Right now am enjoying the text, I feel that the book has a little bit of action. The characters seem to be doing ok for the moon to be upon them at the rapid speeds it is. I feel that if i were in this situation that my family and I would have taken many of the same actions, from going to the grocery store and stocking up  to staying at home. Many of the actions that are accuring are very real and are happening   The overall text has been very descriptive and has been very exciting reading.


Miranda is just a normal girl, until she finds out that an Asteroid is going to hit the moon.  She does not find it to be a big deal, but her parents as well as her teachers do. One day after school Miranda's parents pick her up to go stock up after the moon has been hit by the asteroid, from there they have been staying at there house ever since.


The End

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