Life As We Knew it chapters 11-15 summary

Miranda finds out that her best friend, Megan has died. At her funeral, she discovers that Reverend Marshall has been stealing food from people. Miranda gets a big punishment from her Mom when she eats some chocolate chips that were for Matts birthday party, so for a punishment, her Mom makes her eat the whole bag, leaving her feeling sick.

At this point in the book, people began getting kidnapped and disappearing. Miranda gets upset because the police officers are not doing their jobs by protecting the people. I think this is one way the social change and economic conditions have affected the way the characters are acting. Another thing that happens is Miranda finds out that Reverend Marshall had been stealing food from people. This is another way that the economic changes have affected the way characters act. I think that one theme of the books is that no matter what the situation is, you can always be safe and have fun when you're with your family and friends. “When Mrs. Sanchez walked in I nearly wept. I was so excited to see a familiar face” This is explaining that even though the world is messed up, she still finds comfort and peace when she's with the people she loves.

The End

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