Chapters 11-15

Miranda and her family continues learning more information for school work from textbooks Miranda got from the middle school. Miranda looks through their pantry and eats chocolate chips that her mom was saving. Miranda and her mom had a big fight about it. Matt had a birthday Matt gets them ready for winter while also caring for Ms. Nesbits home. Miranda cut her hair really short. The mom twisted her ankle so she could not do things for a couple of weeks.

 In Life as we know it, the theme from chapter 11-15 is that you dont realize what you have until you lose it. Miranda and the family all sit around the cozy sunroom because of there moms foot and miranda realizes how little things are so much more enjoyable than what they use to be. Another example of this is when Miranda realizes how much their mom does for them. Miranda realizes this after her mother twisted her ankle, so Miranda does most of the housework now. Miranda says when sitting in the cozy sunroom with her family "Its funny how much im enjoying things  these days."

  In the novel since there is any more organized businesses that are selling things and since there are no more jobs, Miranda decides to steal. During the short period that the woman at the middle school left Miranda alone, she decided to steal the little paper notebooks and pens and pencils. She stuffed her backpack full of the items. If life was like it was before sjo would have bought the objects from a store instead of stealing.

  Miranda cuts her hair very short. Her decision was forced by the dirty air because it always make her hair dirty.  Even after washing her hair it remains dirty and she was tired of it. If it was still a normal day before the disaster she would have never cut her hair. The dirtiness of the air caused Miranda to cut her hair.

The End

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