Chapter Three - Starry Night

I slowly opened the door, it made a creeking sound and the cold jetted down my spine and I saw my breath in front of me. It felt like a scene out of a horror movie, I was waiting for something to happen, but there was nothing. Just a breeze and the odd spider crawling around. I got a flashlight from my bag and slowly started walking up the stairs.

I explored what was around me, Nothing but brown, aged floorboards with the red and blue wallpaper which had faded in the sunlight, when it existed in this house. What would be my room seemed to look dull and dreary. There was nothing but a piece of ripped carpet in the middle of the room.

There was something about this villa that seemed very odd. It didn't feel quite like a home, more like a shelter. There was no element of comfort to it. I heared my mom carry in the numerous boxes from our van into the house. If I were to be honest, I didn't want to be here. I loved my house back in London, with my friends and my boyfriend. All of which I have left behind, for my mom and her new boyfriend.

The End

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