Chapter one:Mysterious going-ons

This was the strangest day of my life by far. Really strange. I mean, loving vampires was one thing. But having them in my life was another. It was something I never expected that day as I entered school. I stepped into the empty social area and heard my feet echo as I walked through the area and arrived into the corridor. As I sat in the corridor, waiting for my friends to arrive, I allowed some time to myself to think about things in general. Lizzy! Hello. Come on, girl! Lorraine's voice shouted. I snapped out of my daydream and smiled at my best friend. Hi, Lorraine. How was your weekend? I asked, smiling. Very interesting. Have you been watching the news lately? She asked. I stared at her, bewildered. Okay, so Lorraine says her weekend was interesting but she watched the news. I don't get it. No, Lorraine. I didn't watch the news. Why, what's going on? Are we at war again? I asked, thinking it was something that never changed. No, we're not. She replied. Then what? I asked. Do you know there have been animal and human attacks throughout Ashington and nobody knows what's causing these attacks? She asked. No, I didn't know. But you're right, it is very interesting. Anything else? I asked. What Lorraine told me next shocked me to the core. Yes, they have found two penetration points in the neck of a human they found. She explained. I looked away as a flash of a face came to me. A vampire's face. The bell for registration went and I told Lorraine I'd see her later.

The End

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