Chapter one: What is going on?

Bascially, it's vampires. They come to this school and end up changing the life of one girl forever.

It was just a normal day as far as I was concerned. But then strange people began attacking my school and everything just changed in my life. From daily activities to everything, really. I no longer would have a natural life. I know I was a bit of a daydreamer and everything but there was no call for this. I was sitting in science class when the door burst open, making me jump and this black haired muscular guy walked in wearing a leather jacket and all black. I would've said he was handsome if it wasn't for the darkness I could feel swarming around him. The teacher was staring at the guy. In a flash, the guy was in front of the teacher. My eyes widened. He was fast! Unbelieveably inhumanly fast. Suddenly, it looked like he was biting the teacher's neck. A scream rose in my throat but I quickly swallowed it. Run! Don't just stand there! Run, Lizzy, run. He's gonna kill you all. My mind screamed. I guess after that I was the second victim since I sat right at the front. I wanted to run but something was stopping me. Didn't know what. Felt like I had roots around my legs, holding me in place. My chest started to heave. I stared at everyone else in the class. They seemed paralysed. What had he done to them? I wondered, feeling my legs turn to jelly. Suddenly, the window smashed behind me and I was aware of a lighter presence. But it wasn't an angel. I turned around to see another guy. He had brown hair and was also wearing black and was of muscular build. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I didn't know who to trust out of the two of them.

The End

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