Chapter One: The Pathetic Patron

Victorian times, snobby, wealthy, aristocratic girl.


If she heard that rapping sound one more time, she would explode. Violet McCroy exhaled loudly and finally got up out of bed, stormed over to her bedside window and yanked it open.

“Damn it Peter, not today!”  She snapped down in a hoarse whisper. “Someone will hear you”

“But Vi” a young man was bending over; his sandy coloured hair was shimmering brightly in the moonlight. He grabbed a large bouquet of flowers from the courtyard pavement. “I…I know you told me not to come here--”

“You’re right, I did say that—“

 “--But, I thought you’d like these.” He held up what looked like daisies and lilacs into the air toward her window. “And I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry… we’re still friends, right?” He continued to babble away up at Violet’s window. “I mean, I didn’t mean to call you a stuck up prattish pig, but it was only a joke, I do like you Violet, honest!”

Violet sighed and leaned on her arm against the window sill. “Yes, I know that Peter, now please go away, now is not the time for childish amusements” She took one last look down at him; she could see his large blue eyes outlined from her perch in the window. She then slammed the window shut, turned the latch, and locked it into place.

Flopping back onto her bed, the comfy bedspread enveloped her in its gentle hold. She looked around her room; the paintings she had received as gifts from her parents, their friends, friends of their friends… Small figurines made of china sitting on their shelves; a portrait of herself perched gaily on a swing was on the wall in-between the two tall windows. She didn’t like the way her hair looked in that painting; and she was far too pale…

All of the sudden, she heard a loud knock. Violet snapped out of her trance and focused her attention on her bedroom door.

“Miss McCroy” someone whispered.

“Come in...” Violet said warily.

But it was only Nurse Fisk, the woman who had raised her from infancy. She shuffled into the room and slowly closed the door behind her.

“Violet, Miss, Lady McCroy was—“

“Oh God Almighty, what now?” Violet fiercely interrupted her.

Nurse Fisk thrust a finger to her lips and shushed her, then continued, “--Miss McCroy, your mother, says she heard quite the racket coming from your room only a few short moments ago, and she was wondering if the young mistress was not yet asleep.”

“Well, obviously I’m still awake” Violet crossed her arms and turned away from her Nurse. “One cannot expect to always be in bed the moment darkness falls; it’s a pathetic and old fashioned trend.”

“Well, I’m just telling you what the mistress says” Said Nurse innocently. “And you better improve your attitude, Miss.”

“Well, nothing’s been happening in here, so don’t worry about me.”

 “Alright then, but please hush up and get some sleep now, it’ll do us all some good, especially your father, he’s been having coughing fits all night, and he needs to sleep.” And with that she walked out of the room and shut the door behind her. 

The End

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